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(((Announcer voice over))) When disaster strikes in this country, be it floods, wildfires or hurricanes, state emergency agencies are responsible for getting as many people as possible out of harm's way. And in recent years private sector companies like Wal-Mart, Kroger, Home Depot and OnStar have stepped up to partner with government when disaster strikes. (((Suggested Soundbite)))Soundbite 1 – Chief Jack Colley, Texas Division of Emergency Management You know the greatest asset we've have in an event is information, information that we need to make decisions and information comes from many, many places… so all of our planning and training and exercises incorporates our private sector partners as well. (((Announcer voice over))) OnStar sets up a Crisis Assist team of advisors whenever a disaster like a flood or hurricane is imminent. Ken and Cynthia Logan were caught in Hurricane Gustav last year. Soundbite: Soundbite 2 – Ken Logan, OnStar Subscriber All we had to do was contact the OnStar advisor and tell them where we were going, what the situation was and they were able to give us directions (((Announcer Voice-Over))) Working directly with the local emergency management team OnStar gets up-to-date information to any subscriber who needs it in the affected area. (((Soundbite)))Soundbite 3 – Scott Kubicki, OnStar They can always push their OnStar blue button and we can provide them with real time information to give them updates on weather, evacuation routes, shelters, things like that. (((Announcer Voice-Over))) Chief Colley says that by getting the word out to their subscribers in Texas, OnStar is helping him do his job. But the in-vehicle communication service also contributes in other ways. (((Soundbite)))Soundbite 4 – Chief Jack Colley, Texas Division of Emergency Management You know this whole facility of what we do here is designed for one thing, that's to make decisions and OnStar helps us do that. They give us information that they're receiving from their customers. I mean it's a two way street with them. So that's a good, good thing.
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