• 21-JUL-2009

New Technology Helps Prevent Car Chases

OnStar Remote Ignition Block

Car chases are often uncontrollable and put the public, the police and even the thief at risk for injury. Now vehicles equipped with OnStar Ignition Block can be remotely disabled before a chase begins. The new technology connects to the vehicle in between cycles of its ignition and prevents the criminal from being able to start the car. Law enforcement says having this ability will help to eliminate dangerous chases and prevent injury. Every month OnStar works with police to help find approximately 600 stolen vehicles through its imbedded GPS. It also has the ability to slow down a properly equipped vehicle that's already involved in a chase. Available video includes b-roll of car chases and OnStar Vehicle Slowdown, as well as soundbites from Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard and OnStar's Chet Huber.