• 09-DEC-2013

New GM Customer Engagement Center Opens

GM Call Center B Roll

General Motors is insourcing its call center operations and will manage them as a core part of the business, bringing hundreds of jobs to the United States.

GM announced Monday the official opening of a Customer Engagement Center on its GM Technical Center campus, where business consolidations will bring 300 advisors and 35 GM managers to the state-of-the-art facility by the end of the year.

"We recognize that our front line of customer advisors is directly connected to our bottom line," said Alicia Boler-Davis, senior vice president Global Customer Experience and Product Quality. "Instead of focusing on closing cases as quickly as possible, we're focused on listening to our customers and satisfying them as quickly as possible."

The new Customer Engagement Center is designed to encourage creativity and collaboration among team members as they listen and respond to customer needs.

"This engagement center exemplifies our customer-centric focus, using robust advisor training and an all-new case-management process that greatly reduces the time it takes to satisfy a customer," Boler-Davis said. "It's another example of how we're looking at every customer contact as an opportunity to create long-lasting relationships."

Locating the new Customer Engagement Center at GM's Technical Center enables the company to quickly funnel customer feedback to product developers. A "Listening Lounge" in the center allows product designers and engineers to listen in on customer calls without interfering with the advisor.

At the same time, advisors are identifying customer feedback that most benefits GM's product teams. This "closed-loop" helps support the continuous improvement of GM's cars and trucks based on the voice of the customer.