• 26-MAY-2011

Get More Gas Mileage for Your Money

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Simple Steps from General Motors to Squeeze Extra MPG.

The average household spent 500 dollars on gas last month, according to AAA's Gas Watcher Guide. General Motors has some tips on how drives can improve their own fuel economy by making some minor changes.

Fuel economy engineers from Chevrolet drove identical Cruze's on identical routes to test whether good and bad driving habits made a difference in fuel economy. The end result was a 17 mpg disparity, which could amount to $100 per month for drivers.

The engineers recommend three simple steps to boost mileage. First, make sure you're vehicle is properly maintained. A properly tuned engine and routine maintenance can help you go a long way on less. Second, accelerate slowly from a complete stop. This minor adjustment adds extra miles to the tank. And finally, slow down. At highway speeds, every extra 10 miles per hour decreases your fuel economy by as much as 4 miles per gallon.

Other tips for boosting mileage include, not carrying around unnecessary cargo such as bags of salt or altering your cars aerodynamics with team flags or out-of-season ski racks.

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