• 21-DEC-2012

General Motors Teams With Habitat For Humanity to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Carlos Rodriguez, Chief, Union Beach EMS

Habitat for Humanity has mobilized its first-ever fleet of mobile response vehicles to the New York/New Jersey area to help homeowners repair their storm-ravaged homes. The fleet of 24 Chevrolet Express vans was donated by Chevrolet. On day one, the Chevrolet vans left from Habitat's home base in Atlanta, GA, and drove to Charlotte, NC, where they were loaded with tools and supplies donated by the Lowes home improvement chain and Bosch Tool Corporation. The vans were driven by volunteers from Habitat for Humanity, along with General Motors, Lowe's and Bosch.

After the 900-mile drive from Atlanta, repair work began in Union Beach, NJ and Staten Island, NY.

One of the recipients of the Habitat assistance was Union Beach EMS Chief Carlos Rodriguez, whose home was severely damaged when a wall of water rolled into the town and destroyed dozens of homes and damaged hundreds of others.

B-Roll and Interviews

-Maria Mainville, Manager of Communications, GM Foundation and Corporate Relations

-Kip Scheidler, Senior Director of Global Disaster Response for Habitat for Humanity

-Carlos Rodriguez, Chief, Union Beach EMS

-Damaged and destroyed homes and buildings in Union Beach, NJ

-Repair work being done by Habitat for Humanity volunteers in Union Beach, NJ