• 20-DEC-2010

From the Gulf Spill to the Roadway: General Motors Recycles Oil Spill Booms into Car Parts

Oil Boom Recycling

To help reduce the overall environmental impact of the Gulf Oil Spill, General Motors has embarked on a unique initiative – recycling booms.Previously, the large absorbent booms being used to soak up the oil from the spill would be buried in landfills. Now, they are being pulled from the water, spun clean and processed and remolded into car parts such as air deflectors for the new Chevrolet Volt. To date, the program has prevented over 100 miles of booms from being dumped into landfills. Recycling of the Gulf booms is one of many steps General Motors has taken to reuse waste byproducts. In fact, they have exceeded a promise to make 50 percent of their facilities landfill free.