• 22-NOV-2011

Bad Weather Driving

Winter Driving Fonted Package

According to the AAA, more cars are on the road this Winter than last, due to the improving economy, and a mild Winter… so far. However Winter can come roaring in at anytime, and travel conditions can get treacherous.

We have video available for your use that offers inclement weather driving tips to keep you safe during the upcoming holiday weekend. It will cover everything from new technologies that can help keep you safe in poor weather and learning how your anti-lock brake system works to prevent collisions in slippery conditions.

Inclement Weather Driving Tips:

  1. Keep your fuel tank at least half full to prevent fuel line freeze-ups in cold weather climates
  2. Have your battery and coolant system checked. Older batteries and weak antifreeze might not provide the protection and functionality in the cold weather, and worse, can cause damage to your vehicle when it's not running
  3. Understand how anti-lock brakes work. Do not pump your brakes. Instead, press firmly on the brake pedal when braking and let the system do the work to stop your car
  4. Traction mats, kitty litter or sand can be used to improve traction on icy surfaces
  5. Check your tires on a regular basis. Bald tires significantly reduce your traction on wet and snowy roadways