• 03-SEP-2009

Automakers Use Hi-Tech Tires and Aerodynamics to Improve Fuel Economy

'Beyond The Plug: What Makes Electric Cars Go'

Several automakers, including GM, Chrysler and Nissan, have already announced plans to roll out electric cars in the near future. With triple digit fuel economy claims on cars like the Chevrolet Volt, things like tires play an even larger role. The industry rule of thumb says for every 10% reduction of rolling resistance, the fuel economy improves 1 to 2 percent. Hi-tech tires, like the new Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max, feature an energy saving compound that improves the rolling resistance without sacrificing traction or tred wear. Aerodynamics also plays an important role in increasing mileage. The more aerodynamic a car is, the easier it can cut through the air and the longer the battery will last. Available video includes b-roll of the Chevy Volt, wind tunnel footage, and tire animation, as well as soundbites from Mark Cherveny of Goodyear and Nina Tortosa of GM.