• 21-MAY-2013

AAA & General Motors Offers Tips For Memorial Day Roadtrips

Memorial Day Road Trip Tips Fonted Package

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and families across America will take the first of many weekend road trips. And with approximately 30 million Americans on the road, many will run into traffic, run out of gas or get stranded. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the most common roadside emergency calls they'll receive this weekend can be prevented before drivers hit the road. By taking a few steps before leaving home, drivers can avoid common pitfalls.

Memorial Driving Check-List:
• Make sure your tire pressure is correct – this can improve fuel efficiency and safety
• Plan your route – getting lost can waste time and gas
• Save gas by keeping windows up and AC on when travelling over 40 mph

When in doubt, take your vehicle in for any overdue service which can trouble shoot larger problems. In addition to keeping your loved ones safe behind the wheel, this can also save time and money down the road.